An unmaintained electrical system can end up creating various problems. It can expose you to fire hazards and can result in a short circuit of sensitive electrical equipment. A properly functioning electrical system not only improves the value of your house, but keeps you away from a lot of risks as well. 

Especially, homeowners with kids and pets should be extra vigilant about keeping their outlets and electrical systems safe. They should perform an annual investigation of their wiring and electrical network to prevent accidents.  

If you have been noticing electrical buzzing and fire sparks in your home, you should consider getting help from an experienced electrician. With companies like Abacus Homes, electrical repair in Dubai is now super affordable.

When To Call An Electrician?

Are you confused about whether a problem in your electrical system is big enough to get help from an electrician? If so, this blog will be your guide. Here, we have mentioned some of the signs that indicate that you need immediate electrical examination from a professional. 

  • Flickering Light Bulbs:

There is more than one reason for which a light may flicker. It might be due to a wiring problem in the fixture, or because of an arc fault in the wiring. The latter is usually characterized by a buzzing sound that follows the flickering light. 

If you notice that the lights in your home get dim or start flickering upon starting an electrical appliance, it means that your appliance is drawing in a lot of power. This can be resolved by adding more electrical service to your breaker box. However, if ignored, a simple light flicker could turn into a hazardous overload. 

  • A Tripping Circuit Breaker:

When you are using electrical devices that consume too much power, you risk a circuit trip. A circuit breaker trip is more likely to happen when more than one high-power appliance is operated at the same time. Try to plug in one device at a time to avoid putting too much load on the breaker box. 

If the issue does not resolve after that, and you still get circuit breaker trips regularly, you should get help from an electrician. This may be due to insufficient electrical service of your house, so it is best to get the problem fixed before running into harmful consequences. 

  • Excessive Use Of An Extension Cord:

Your circuit is likely to get overloaded if you plug in more than one extension cord into your home outlet. Instead of using an extension cord as a permanent fixture, you need to install more outlets in your rooms.

This way, you will not have to plug in multiple extension cords in the same room, or plug them in power strips to power your devices or lights. Identify which areas require outlets and hire an electrician to take care of the task of installation. 

  • Burning Smell From Outlets:

A burning odor coming from a switch or electrical outlet is a sign of danger. Turn off the power of the source as soon as you smell the burning odor. Ignoring this issue can transform into an electrical fire, which will destroy your entire home. Therefore, it is best to identify the problem and get the issue fixed by a professional as soon as possible. 

  • Mild Electrical Shock:

If you feel a subtle influx of power in your hand upon touching a plugged appliance or plugging a wire into a socket, you should discuss it with an electrician. This indicates that the appliance is accompanied by improper electrical wiring or a ground fault. 

Here are some signs that highlight major electrical issues in your house system. If you need electrician services in Dubai to protect yourself from electrical shocks and fires, get in touch with Abacus Homes. We provide electrician services for Dubai homes with poorly installed electrical wiring. To get help from a professional for performing electrical fixtures in your home, contact us today!

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