An air-conditioning system is a major investment. If you have decided on installing this system in your home, you must be aware that it requires constant maintenance. The key is to not put more workload on the electrical device than it can handle. 

With the hot months approaching, AC maintenance in Dubai is a service everyone looks forward to. The scorching sun is something that can be unbearable sometimes. That is why, almost every household in Dubai consists of an air-conditioning system. 

Spare some time from your busy schedule to care for your air conditioner yourself. Small steps can go a long way to improve the lifespan of an electrical device. You can even hire an AC maintenance service in Dubai to perform monthly or half-yearly check-ups of the system. This will ensure that it functions efficiently and provides ample cooling. 

Keep Your Home Cool All Season Long:

These basic air conditioner maintenance tips will help you keep the system working smoothly, and competently.

  • Change Air Filters Each Month:

This practice will help maintain your AC and ensure that it stays functioning for a long time.  You can easily change the air filters of your system in a few minutes, and with minimal effort.

An air filter must be cleaned and not clogged with dust in order for it to work correctly. An air filter is the element of an air conditioning system that works to filter out any dirt, dust, and dander and prevent it from entering into the system. A dirty air filter not only puts an excess burden on the air conditioner but also affects the quality of air it releases. 

  • Clean The Coils:

Coils absorb the heat from a room, and help to keep it cool. When the coils are insulated with dust and dirt, they are unable to absorb the heat efficiently. This puts more strain on your system as it works harder to cool down the space. 

Clear the area around the outdoor unit and clean the condenser from any dirt and debris. This will reduce the amount of burden that is being put on the machine. 

  • Inspect The Fins:

The condenser and evaporator are two components of an air conditioning system that has fins. With the passage of time, these fins can bend, resulting in insufficient airflow. Therefore, it is important to check them regularly to ensure that they have not been bent. Solving the issue immediately will help the system work more efficiently in the longer run. 

  • Examine The Condensate Drain:

This component of an air conditioning system allows the drainage of condensation towards the outdoors. With time, this can impede the drainage by getting clogged. You must ensure that there is efficient drainage if you want the system to work efficiently. 

  • Fix Air Conditioner Pad When Sinking:

Concrete pads are present under a home air conditioner and heat exchanger units. It is okay if the pad has sunk as long as the copper coolant and electrical lines stay strain-free and the unit is dry. However, continuous sinking can cause water puddles to form around the unit. Fix them as soon as possible to avoid the problem.

  • Get Professional Help:

We understand that it can be difficult sometimes to spare time for the maintenance of your air conditioning system. With a busy schedule, one can be neglecting small tasks such as AC maintenance. 

If you have been delaying the cleaning of coils, filters, and unbending of fins, get help from a professional team. They will inspect, clean, and fine-tune the air conditioner to make it work like a new device all over again.If you are looking for a professional AC maintenance company in Dubai, get in touch with Abacus Homes. Our expert team will fix your AC quickly to avoid further damage.

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