So, you are changing up the appearance of your place, whether old or new. You’ve decided to repaint because you feel like the old color has faded or just doesn’t fit your preference. The idea is great because there is nothing like a fresh coat of paint to completely transform the feel of a room. But many people make mistakes executing the act of painting. These mistakes are usually very avoidable. 

Abacus Homes offer professional painting services in Dubai, and we’ve written this blog to make you aware of these mistakes so that you can avoid them in the future if you decide to repaint your home.

6 Mistakes To Avoid While Painting Your Home

  • Using the Wrong Brush

The right type of brush can make all the difference. Not all paints are made equal, and every paint type has a brush that is most compatible with it. For example, water-based latex paints can’t be paired with a brush with natural bristles because the natural bristles will absorb the water in the latex paint and make it almost impossible to paint with. 

So, it is best to choose the brush that will pair best with the kind of paint that you are using. 

  • Leaving Painter’s Tape Up Too Long

Nobody wants a messy coat of paint, which is spread everywhere, with visible splatters and splashes. That is why painter’s tape is used. It is used as a guideline when painting, and it usually works flawlessly. But don’t leave it taped up for too long. Once the coat has fully dried, wait an hour and then remove it. If you leave it up too long, the chances are that the paint will fully dry and become stuck to the tape. And if you try to take it off, the coat might start coming off with it. 

  • Don’t Forget The Primer

As one might understand, the word ‘primer’ basically means a coat that makes the wall ready for the new paint to be added to the wall. If you don’t add the primer, then the chances are that the color you are painting over might start to show, or discoloration might happen. 

  • Roller Marks

Operating a paint roller can be tricky in tighter spots and corners. The shape of the roller means that if you take it up to the ceiling, you could leave roller marks on it. This is a tricky job. And if it happens, you can use some cleaner to clear up the paint quickly. The best way to avoid this is to rotate the roller by 90 degrees and use it horizontally. Additionally, you can use a piece of painter’s tape to cover up the edge. 

  • Not Preparing a Glossy Surface

People often choose a glossy paint because of its appearance. The shiny look is considered very trendy, and glossy paint is also very durable and resistant to getting dirty or greasy. But many people forget to clean the surface that they are painting. The dirt and grease mentioned above can also stop the glossy paint from fully sticking to the surface. 

Usually, the best way to prepare a surface for a glossy finish is to sand it down. Once the sanding is done, then a wipe down should remove most particulates and help the glossy paint stick to the surface as best as possible. 

  • Not Hiring A Professional Painting Service

Painting your home yourself can be fulfilling, but there are subtleties to the art of painting that only professional painters know. And they can deliver the best coat of paint to you without any hassle. And you don’t even have to put in any effort yourself. So, if you are planning to repaint your place, consider hiring a wall painting service in Dubai.

To Wrap Up

So, if you avoid these simple mistakes, you can ensure a bright, long-lasting, and fresh coat of paint. 

Abacus Homes is a painting service in Dubai. We have professionals who can ensure quality. So, contact us and brighten up your place today!

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