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Looking For an Expert AC Coil Cleaning in Dubai?

AC coil cleaning is essential for the efficient working of your AC. So, AC coils should be inspected annually. This is because, over time, dirt and other debris will make their room in the coil and block airflow through it. The dirt in the condenser coils can block the airflow and damage the compressor, ultimately affecting its working. Do you want to hire an expert AC coil cleaning company to carry out the coil maintenance? If yes, then Abacus Homes is here for your assistance.

Abacus Homes, the best AC coil cleaning in Dubai, offers you this service to keep your surrounding environment cool in the scorching summers. Our professional air conditioner coil cleaners will make your air conditioning unit free from all kinds of debris, grease, and other contaminants that may badly impact its efficiency.


We ensure that your AC coil performs efficiently by doing advanced AC coil cleaning and maintenance.


We have AC coil cleaning experts whose knowledge and experience in the coil cleaning field are matchless.

We always ensure hassle-free service delivery, and our experts will stand with you from consultation to task execution.

We are available 24/7 to serve you, and our dedicated air conditioner coil cleaners are always here for your assistance.

A dirty coil will lead your system to work inefficiently, taking enough time to get the rhythm and provide you with the required cooling effect. Ultimately, your system may be exposed to wear and tear, putting stress on other AC parts, which will have drastic effects on its lifespan. You have to spend a lot on a new one when the system is critically damaged. Refrigerant leaks are the ultimate result of dirty coils. So, the only prudent decision is to hire a reliable and professional AC coil cleaner in Dubai.

Abacus Homes will be your companion, as we have coil cleaning experts who can maintain your AC unit while enabling you to save more. Don’t let an unclean AC coil damage other parts or the entire system. Turn to us today and benefit from our service.

How frequently should I get my AC coil cleaned?2022-02-16T11:01:45+00:00

The field experts say that after every 3 or 4 months, AC units should be cleaned so that efficiency is maintained.

What do AC coils need servicing and cleaning?2022-02-16T11:02:52+00:00

An AC unit has a coil that makes the AC work efficiently. The outdoor system contains the coil, which is wet, meaning that it is susceptible to accumulating dirt that sticks to it.

Does cleaning AC coils really help and reduce energy bills?2022-02-16T11:03:13+00:00

A proactive maintenance schedule for AC coil cleaning saves you money while keeping your system running efficiently and longer. Thus, it keeps everyone safe and healthy in a setting.

Do you serve only home ACs or the industries as well?2022-02-16T11:03:36+00:00

Being the leading AC coil cleaning company in Dubai, Abacus Homes serves all. Whether it is a home system or the industrial one, we are always ready to serve you.

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