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Looking For an Experienced AC Installation in Dubai?

AC installation in Dubai is one of the main aspects of residing there. Whether you need it at your home or in a commercial setting, having a sound air conditioning system and the desired cooling in the house is essential for Dubai residents. For the rooms of a home or a commercial setting to be a milieu filled with comfort, having an efficient cooling system is necessary.

If you want to install the air conditioning system at your home or commercial premises, Abacus Homes offers you dedicated and seamless AC installation in Dubai. Our specialized knowledge and extensive experience in the AC installation and maintenance services sector allow us to satisfy our clients.


Our standard installation is based on back-to-back installs, regardless of the nature of the premises. Price varies according to the unit size.


We have trained and competent technicians who also carry complete inventories consisting of the latest installation tools and equipment.


We give affordable price quotes upfront with no hidden charges while assuring that the entire installation process will be done correctly.

We are within your reach round-the-clock whenever you need. Our dedicated AC installation will serve you whenever you call.

We have experts who efficiently manage to make the entire process seamless and simple. They produce the best solution to ensure that even very large premises have an effective air conditioning system. Our technical personnel are well-qualified and highly trained to install systems of any size cleanly and carefully. They always ensure that the room where your AC is to be installed is not damaged. They always study each premise in detail to have deep knowledge of refrigeration needs, external noise, and costs for each room. We ensure that our experts always produce a personalized solution.

Being a leading air conditioner installation service in Dubai, we develop residential and industrial air conditioning projects. Our expert technicians are familiar with all kinds of systems, whether central AC or split units. We deliver our services every day in the UAE, and if you need us, call us. We will serve you at a price that is beyond your imagination!

How do we agree on the installation price?2022-02-16T12:00:32+00:00

We will provide a quote after hearing your requirements.

What arrangements do you need on the day of installation?2022-02-16T12:00:48+00:00

The society or building permission will be required to enter your premises. The premises where the system is to be placed must be clear from any barriers so that the whole installation process is done on time.

Is your AC installation service in Dubai reliable?2022-02-16T12:01:06+00:00

We have satisfied countless customers since the inception of our company. We offer the best AC installation services in Dubai, ensuring your installation is done to maximize your system’s efficiency level so that you minimize expenses.

What will your technicians cover in the AC installation?2022-02-16T12:00:11+00:00

An AC installation will include the installation of pipe, indoor unit brackets and outdoor unit, connecting both units, electrical connections, etc. We will cover everything.

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