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Try Out the Best AC Maintenance Company in Dubai

Has your AC broken down? Or is it in need of maintenance because of whatever reasons? Living in Dubai, that can become a problem. Abacus Homes is here to help you deal with that problem. We are a renowned AC maintenance company in Dubai, and we are here to fix your air conditioning and return it to its chilly best, so that you can relax with ease. If you have an AC that is in severe need of maintenance, then don’t sweat out the decision and call us immediately.

What makes us the best AC maintenance services in Dubai is the level of satisfaction we provide our clients with the work we do. We are dependable because of our experience and expertise in the field of AC maintenance. Not only are our technicians extremely efficient at their work, the work they do will make you depend on us and our services for any future maintenance that you might need for your ACs.


Expert Technicians

We know the right fix for your water heater repairs and replacement needs. Our professionals understand the problem first and then come up with the right solutions to fix it.


All-round Maintenance

When our technicians come to fix your AC, they will make sure they take care of everything. All the problems that might arise in an air conditioning unit, they are familiar with, and they are equipped with the tools to fix it or remove it entirely.

Efficient Booking

An AC maintenance services is only as good as its booking process. If it’s too complicated, people will think it isn’t worth the hassle. That is why our booking process is designed keeping simplicity and efficiency in mind. This way, you can book quickly and easily


Always Available

Your AC can break down or have problems whenever. And with Dubai’s heat, that can become a big problem. Abacus Homes is available round-the-clock for your convenience, so that even if you have a problem, you can have it dealt with quickly.

Professional AC Maintenance in Dubai

Air conditioning has become essential to our way of life. But ACs are machines, and there comes a time when neglect or external factors can cause them to have issues. They can even gather dirt and dust after a certain period of time, which can lead to said issues. And when that happens, their ability to cool properly or even work can be affected. It is easy to understate the importance of maintenance in ACs, but when the time comes, you will need a proper service to get them back up and running.

Even if you are conscious about keeping up the maintenance of the electronics in your home, unexpected things can happen. That is why, it is recommended that you call us for AC maintenance in Dubai. We will ensure that everything is up to the mark, so that you can enjoy your time in peace and cold.

How often should I get AC maintenance done?2022-02-22T11:40:30+00:00

Experts say that people should get their ACs serviced every 3-4 months as the drip trays and filters get clogged up by then and can affect the cooling and efficiency of the AC.

What are the signs that my AC needs maintenance?2022-02-22T11:40:38+00:00

The most obvious sign will be that your AC isn’t cooling as effectively as it used to. There are also other signs such as the AC filters spewing dust and odd noises.

When can I use my AC after maintenance?2022-02-22T11:40:44+00:00

Almost immediately, actually. Our technicians will clean up your AC and have it running when they are done. And when they are done, you can experience the cold air of your AC without any wait

How much will AC maintenance cost me?2022-02-22T11:40:51+00:00

The exact amount we charge will depend upon your AC and the kind of maintenance that it requires. But rest assured, the rates we charge are affordable for anyone to avail.

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Whatever ails your AC, we are here to deal with it. We provide both residential and commercial maintenance services.

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