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Looking For an Expert AC Repair Service in Dubai?

Abacus Homes is the best AC repair service provider in Dubai. We ensure that we repair ACs for the long-term run. We know an AC functions based on a specific system. So, we carry out an adequate repair that extends the useful life of your AC. Our AC repair services in Dubai cater to both residential and commercial premises. Delivery of excellent value for your money is our promise.


Our AC repair engineers serve across Dubai, and they deliver quick, cost-effective, and efficient service to save your valuable time and energy.

Our dedicated AC repair technicians serve residential and commercial settings very gladly.

We rely only on proven tools and equipment to repair ACs. You can trust our expertise and approaches to repair and maintenance work.


We serve you in all situations, whether you reach us in normal or emergency cases. We are available here round-the-clock to solve all your AC-related problems.

Regular maintenance of an air conditioner and all its parts is essential. An AC consists of filters, coils, and fins that enable the system to function effectively and efficiently whenever you run. If you neglect the necessary maintenance and repair, your unit begins to decline by dropping the performance you want. Simultaneously, the energy consumption exponentially increases.

Usually, an air conditioner stops working when its compressor fails. The underlying issue behind this is the stress put on the system. This stress is generated due to dirty coils that make the system less efficient. Other problems include low refrigerant, electrical issues, and others. And, all of the problems emerge suddenly. Therefore, regular maintenance (every 3 to 4 months) is necessary to detect faults and damaged parts. This way, you can avoid emergency repairs. However, we handle emergencies very well to help our clients get rid of the stress. We have a dedicated emergency AC repair team in Dubai, who gladly serves our clients.

How frequently should my AC filters need replacement or repair?2022-02-16T07:52:33+00:00

Replacement of AC filters is unnecessary. You can replace them when they stop functioning. The unit requires deep cleaning and maintenance at least thrice a year. If your AC is exposed to a contaminated area, you need to clean filters on alternate days.

Do you provide site inspection?2022-02-16T09:58:26+00:00

Yes! Our AC repair service in Dubai offers site inspection. You can call us for an inspection, whether you need AC repair, maintenance, or installation.

What does your service cost?2022-02-16T10:01:42+00:00

Our process for various services vary. Our charges vary according to the nature of the work you require. You can call us, send an email, or simply chat online to get information and the price of our services.

Are your AC repair services in Dubai reliable?2022-02-16T10:02:08+00:00

Abacus Homes is the industry’s leading AC repair and maintenance service provider. We are a licensed company and have an A+ rating for our excellence.

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