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Professional Generator Maintenance Company In Dubai

Abacus Homes is an expert generator maintenance company in Dubai dedicated to the maintenance, including repair and installation, of generators and their components. Having professionals with extensive years of experience in the field, we have a specialized team that can produce the best possible solutions regarding the maintenance of your generator set.

Remember that regardless of the quality, brand, or model of the electric generator that you have, it requires periodic maintenance. Proper and regular maintenance allows the system to continue working without problems. Not only that, but maintenance also extends the life of your generator. With proper maintenance, our engineers detect possible problems that the generator presents and fix them in a timely manner to avoid major damage.

Our engineering department will personally study all your generator’s issues and make it run efficiently. Turn to us and set up a schedule!


We have highly qualified and experienced engineers who keep your generator well maintained. They ensure the overall efficiency of your generator system.


We offer our services for both residential and industrial generator systems. So, contact us with confidence and get your generator maintained by us.


We focus on consistent, well-planned maintenance to identify and correct minor problems before they become risky to the generator and costly.


We offer bespoke maintenance plans to meet the specific needs of your generator system, and thus, we service all models of the generator, regardless of their size.

A broken or faulty generator may result in prolonged delays in your routine household activities. An out-of-order generator may also shut down your business operations within moments. At Abacus Homes, a leading generator maintenance company in Dubai, we keep your generator system maintained to ensure its optimal performance levels. We are always with you to keep your routine activities getting done smoothly. Therefore, we offer you our veteran generator engineers who will maintain your generator and ensure that you have a proper power supply.

By performing routine inspections of the generator, our engineers make sure that any problem is identified and fixed before it becomes a major issue. As a result, you will enjoy the peak performance of your generator set.

Being a top-rated, professional generator maintenance company in Dubai, we have experts who are well-resourced to service all kinds of the generator, whether propane, natural gas, or diesel.

How much will the generator maintenance work cost?2022-02-22T11:44:46+00:00

The maintenance cost varies because it depends on the work nature. However, we keep our prices low as much as possible and do not compromise on the service quality.

Do you offer the full maintenance of the generator?2022-02-22T11:46:46+00:00

Fuel maintenance is guaranteed! Insufficient fuel quality is one of the most common factors causing failure for a generator system. We offer a hands-on all-inclusive maintenance program to keep your power system running efficiently.

Are Major Maintenance and a Minor Check different?2022-02-22T11:47:00+00:00

Compared to the minor check, Major Maintenance is a time-consuming process in which a generator set is maintained by replacing the oil, oil filter, fuel filter (if applicable), and the overall service.

Are your generator maintenance service in Dubai available 24/7?2022-02-22T11:47:06+00:00

We work round-the-clock, meaning you can reach us whenever you need our service. We are available to you 24/7 with our skilled engineers. Contact us today, set up your visit schedule, and let us serve you!

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